There are mangoes and then there are Alphonso mangoes!! If you have tasted the Alphonso variety then the other lesser variety of mangoes will always taste less appealing. Ask any Maharashtrian or people living in Maharashtra, they will wholeheartedly agree.
Our orchard of Alphonso mangoes was planted 20 years ago. We brought saplings from the Konkan, which is the heartland of Alphonso mangoes with the hope that we would be able to recreate their famed orchards. We were lucky. With a lot of care and effort they not only survived but also continue to thrive.
Every December we see the mango blossom sprouting from the trees. The smell in January and February is divine. By April small green mangoes are on the trees and then in the month of May, the orchard is full of heavily laden trees. The quantity varies every alternate year but on an average we get close to 6000 mangoes each year. In a good year we have got over 8000 mangoes. All our mangoes are for friends and family. We don’t sell them.