The Khadakwasla dam has been supplying water to Pune city for years. It is surrounded by hills where the land gradually slopes towards it. In the rainy season all the water from the rain in this catchment area gets collected in the dam.
When you stand at the gate of the Ivy House, you see the flat step shaped fort directly ahead of you. This is Sinhagad. Sinhagad is historically significant to Pune. This is where Tanaji Malusure lost his life while fighting the Moghuls to protect the fort.
You have to come about 8 km from the National Defense Academy to reach the Ivy House. At Peacock Bay you have a good chance of spotting peacocks, deer and monkeys too.
If you travel ahead on the same road from the Ivy House you will go via Sangrun and reach Mutha village. The popular Neelkantheshwar temple is on the way and can be reached with a bit of a detour. At Mutha village, you can go towards Lavasa to the left or to Pirangut to the right.